Grosvenor G Food Reviewed at G Thanet

Grosvenor G Food Review

GROSVENOR G Casino launched its new menu at the end of May.

A slightly smaller menu than before, I was keen, merely for the purpose of reporting to find out exactly what the new look menu was like.It’s a hard job but some poor old foodie has got to do it, so I stepped up to the challenge at the fabulous G Casino in Thanet.Carnivores rejoice, there is still a wide range of steaks and meat dishes available, while dieters can be safe in the knowledge that seafood, pasta and salads all feature in abundance.Happily hungry, I found myself deliberating over a starter (now called small plates, perfect for a taste test or for those days when you fancy a light bite).

The new Grosvenor Casino Food Menu.


Grosvenor G Plates

Salmon and prawn crown

Plates range from the bargain price of £3.95 to £5.75, a good value for money top band dish.

Eventually I decided on the salmon and prawn crown.A new dish to the menu, a  delicious serving of flaked salmon on a bed of lettuce topped with prawns, and finished with a spicy tomato dressing.A fresh tasting, beautifully presented dish and a great addition to the new look menu.My dining companion opted for the stilton glazed mushrooms, which were again a generous portion and presented perfectly.


Grosvenor G Mains

Main courses are suitably titled large plates and large they are

Scallops and black pudding

Mains range from £6.95 (sausages and mash) to £19.95 (8oz fillet steak) and my word they do not disappoint.

I chose one of the June signature dishes, a limited edition selection of three dishes that will change each month, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Pan-fried scallops with black pudding was something I wasn’t expecting to see on the menu and complemented by crispy bacon and a pea and herb dressing.

A real treat, and something I would love to see regularly on the menu.

A side of baby roast rosemary potatoes made for a divine accompaniment.

My friend chose the grilled sea bass served with crushed potato, baby spinach and a tomato and olive sauce.

A tasty dish with two fillets of superbly cooked fish.

grosvenor g

In the spirit of taste testing we also shared some skin on fries, a posher, healthier alternative to the run of the mill french fires.

Suitably stuffed, we still managed to squeeze in dessert, because let’s face it, it would be rude not to.


Grosvenor G Desserts

sticky toffee
grosvenor g

I couldn’t resist my all time favourite pudding, hot sticky toffee pudding and vanilla pod ice cream. It was rich, soft, irresistible and satisfying to my sweet tooth.

My fellow diner chose the creme brulee which was caramelised to perfection, and the creamy mixture was light and full of vanilla flavour, completed with two tasty shortbread biscuits.

Of course no meal would be complete without a glass or two of chilled Pinot Grigio, purely to keep the palette well lubricated.

So my overall verdict is a resounding success yet again for G Casino.

The menu is sophisticated, varied, tasty, well priced and totally satisfying.

Try it yourself.


Grosvenor G Food have you tried it yet

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