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An Interview With ! Adam Evans  Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino GM 

At C4D we have started a new section called Drop & Result bringing you the people who bring the life into the Casinos. The people who do all the little things behind the scenes to ensure that when you visit your local Casino, YOU have a great night out. Giving you an insight into the world of Casinos, real people in real time in real casinos living their lives in high risk environment, do the chips stack up !

Adam Evans GM of the Grosvenor Newcastle  G Casino has kindly agreed to answer a few questions about himself and the Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino he works in. Pardon the pun but Adam did not know me from Adam at the time he agreed to this.
C4D: Adam how long have you been in the Casino Industry and how did you get into the Industry
AE: I have been in the casino business for all of 3 and a half years now, I haven’t taken the conventional route … I got a phone call one day whilst at work saying that Grosvenor were looking for potential GM’s that would have a slightly differing view and understanding of the hospitality business. At that time I was the GM of a busy restaurant in Bath. I have been fortunate enough to run many businesses in the leisure/hospitality industry from community pubs in the Welsh Valleys to a night time venue in Bournemouth and a few in between.
My fast track to GM of Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino saw me working with and recieving mentoring from some great people in the casino business and GM’s in various Grosvenors around the UK. Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Salford, Manchester George St and Scarborough. I was eventually appointed GM of Newcastle in November 2010.
C4D: What was your first step into the world of work

AE: My first job was as a YTS Shop assistant working for River Island in Plymouth ( £42.50 a week..) when I was 16. I left that to work in my Dad’s pub when I turned 18. (KM; Scary my YTS wage was £25 )
 C4D: What else do you do apart from being a GM at  Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino as I know it’s a 24 hour business now and those in the industry rarely get any personal time.
AE: I am currently training to run the ING New York Marathon with our Customer Service Manager who also works in the Grosvenor Casino G Newcastle , Jeff Mitchell. We hope to raise a minimum of £5k, aiming for £10k…for Marie Curie. We both got the running bug after completing the Great North Run with some colleagues in Newcastle last year. I think I will retire from overly challenging Charity work after this as I have found myself getting a tattoo, being shaved, bathing in beans, bungee jumping and climbing 3 mountains in a 24 hour period… (send me the link where people can donate) http://www.justgiving.com/G-Casino-Newcastle-New-York
Grosvenor Newcastle Marie Curie Adam evans
C4D: So Adam that’s not actually relaxing whilst working, what else is it you do to chill
AE: To relax I spend as much time with my 13 year old boy as I can . That’s about the only time I get to myself it seems…I dabble badly at Golf when the weather is nice, I also enjoy the occasional trip to Miami to see a good friend and former mentor of mine who works out there.(Golf ! we should both dabble one day) 
C4D: As you are training for a marathon any particular foods you have to eat
AE: Current favourite food switches between carbs and  then low fat! My favourite restaurant is Reds on Washington in Miami Beach. Its something else. Adam Evans Red http://www.redthesteakhouse.com/
C4D: What ambitions do you have in your life, personal or professional?
AE: Ambition wise.. I still feel that I am learning something new about the business every day. I’ll consider the next step or opportunity once I feel that I have taken Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino as far as I can.  I love the business and ultimately I would love to be the GM of one of the flagship clubs in the Big Smoke or maybe look to abroad if the opportunity should present itself. I’ve always been an operator. I can’t see myself in a support role based out of an office. I love being on the floor, interacting with customers, assisting the team as best I can, serving and enjoying the atmosphere of such a fascinating business.  
C4D: Adam you recently commented on one of my posts about online casinos, what’s your case for Real Casinos !..IE Grosvenor Casino G Newcastle 
AE: I feel that the advance in an on-line gaming experience is a welcome one as it offers the thrill of the win and the almost win whilst at home or on the move, but I would recommend the real thing to anyone that has the chance to visit one. You can’t beat the real thing!
C4D: Casinos, there just gambling dens aren’t they? What else is there? What would you say to someone who has never visited a casino before, what is there for them.
AE: It’s difficult for me to say how they might have changed over the years as I didn’t have the pleasure of working in the business until relatively recently. I have heard many stories from some amazing people that have worked in the business for a long time. If they were considered ‘dens’ back then, they certainly aren’t now, or at least shouldn’t be!! 
I think that if the statistics are correct in so much that 90% of the UK adult population have never visited a Casino, then a lot of people may have the wrong impression or opinion of what we are about. For me, that means we have masses of potential new customers out there that will be pleasantly surprised by our offer. For instance we will be hosting a Comedy night in July, a Swishing event, Lord of the Rings movie-thon, Play the Gamer as well as showcasing some unique occasions that only a 24 hour business can facilitate. 
C4D: What sets Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino  apart from the rest, are they all the same.
AE: Apart from the core offer they are certainly not the same. You could say the same about bars or restaurants. And in that vein, the same things can differentiate them from the ‘competition’. Location,  decor, availability, staff and customer service, variety and quality of product and price points etc.. There are 3 quality clubs in Newcastle, each are very different, each with their own positive and negative points. I think the key is too know what your negatives are and look to constantly improve them and of course myself and my staff always go that little bit extra to make the customer experience all that more enjoyable
C4D: Social Media and the casino, whats your view, good bad
AE: I can’t see how it could be considered bad, as long as you keep in mind that not everyone is internet savvy and the licensing objectives of course!. You have to look for new and innovative ways to communicate and advertise your business to existing and potential new customers. The continued popularity of social media means that you’d be missing a trick if you weren’t involved . 
C4D: Adams closing Quote
AE: I have the privilege of working with over 100 team members, most of whom have more experience of the business than me. This puts me in a very privileged position in that I am constantly learning from them. In the same vein, I feel that I bring to the table a different approach, a different angle or view, a new way of working, experience, consistency and an ethic that might not have been there before. Mostly I hope that I compliment a great team and we can build the business to reach its goals as well as develop ourselves as individuals at the same time.  
Grosvenor G Newcastle GM
If you would like to visit Adam and his team and discover what else is on offer in his Grosvenor Newcastle G Casino  “click here” Full review coming soon
If you would like to donate to Adams and Jeffs Charity “Marie Curie” please do.
I would like to thank Adam again for agreeing to this Interview and placing a little faith in me with his personal views and opinions and then agreeing to share with you.
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