Did she date thirty six people in one afternoon. Lady Luck

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Thirty six interested players accepted the open invitation to possibly meet Lady Luck, our trainers, our current trainees and find out more about our croupier training course and career prospects during a fun Saturday afternoon, at the Cerus Casino Academy poker freeroll tournament. The tournament was held at the Grosvenor G Casino, Bury New Road, Manchester. Here’s how the action unfolded… 1: Equal stacks, time to be seated and let the minds games begin. 2: Helpful advice or tactical deception from CCA academy manager Tony? Who knows, it’s poker!

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3: Beware! Chantal ready to pounce after setting a trap. 4: Even the barman stops to watch as Loic Gonzalez gets ready to make a move. 5: “Guys, guys, this is how to deal”. Gabriel in action.

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6: Mehdi sitting pretty after a dalliance with the Lady. In fact, it felt like he dated, proposed, married and moved out to the country to settle down with Lady Luck in one move! His bold pre-flop shove with 7 3 offsuit hit runner, runner, flush post-flop! 7: Laëtitia ponders her next move. 8: It appears that poker is all about keeping your hands busy!

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9: Final table treated to a dealing masterclass from CCA academy manager Tony. I must have missed ‘black tops only’ on the invitation! 10: Gabriele stares down Mehdi in attempt to see if he’s still interestedin flirting with Lady Luck. 11: CCA trainee Gabriele Ligas bids farewell to Manchester wearing the CCAfreeroll crown.

There was no flirting with Lady Luck from Gabriele, he was too busy embracing the role of Robin Hood! He robbed big pot after big pot, making sure he took all the spoils with him as he headed off to Genting Nottingham to start his new career as a croupier. A fine farewell. A big thank you to all who turned up, especially Lady Luck, who certainly had her eye on Mehdi. It was another cracking CCA open day at Grosvenor G Manchester, an excellent venue for poker. If you feel like you missed out and would like to find out more about our croupier training course and career prospects call our training academy on 0161 236 6442 or email christian@croupieracademy.co.uk and arrange a personal visit.

Our next training course starts 6th August. You could be working in the industry by mid-October.

Our next poker freeroll coming soon.

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