Casino Streaming Guide 4 Dummies

Casino streaming is the new big thing in the online gambling world. Watching popular gamblers try their luck on the reels is not only fun, but also an educational experience on slot betting. Eventually, if you make it big in casino streaming, you might even make it your full-time job.

Sounds appealing?

Want to try it out for yourself?

Check out our full casino streaming guide 4 dummies to get on track to starting your very own casino streaming channel.

  1. Watch casino streamers

It’s simple: if you want to become the best you have to learn from the best. There are a lot of casino streamers out there, but not all of them are reputable players who use their own money. If you want to find out who you should be watching, read this casino streaming article on top players.

Pick your favourites, and start watching them like it’s your new religion. Not only will you get insight into their betting strategies, but also which slots pay out most.

  1. Start off with small bets, then bet bigger

Once you’ve watched enough streamers, you should be ready to start making your own bets. The streaming article on also mentions some of the most popular slots for making money – like Book of Dead from Play’n GO.

If you’re not confident enough to go all out guns blazing from the start, then start off small. The trick is to get a feel for how the slot operates, and if it is has any ‘tells’ for when it’s about to pay-out. If you’re at the point where you know the slot like the back of your hand, that’s when you start betting big.

  1. Join some forums

Forums are a great space for keeping in touch with the casino streaming community. Here you can keep up to date with all the latest slot releases and share some tips and tricks with other players. Gamers also share their knowledge on slots at specific casinos known for certain tells.

More importantly, being active on a forum starts getting you the exposure you need to eventually set-up your own channel. Getting to know the community you want attention from is key.

  1. Buy good equipment

It sounds really obvious, but don’t underestimate the importance of having good quality equipment to record your live streams. Whether it’s the best cameras, microphones or even a really fast Wi-Fi connection – these things matter. Nobody wants to tune in to a stream which is extremely low-resolution or that keeps breaking up.

  1. Get on and set-up your channel

All major casino streamers are primarily based on Twitch, and YouTube too (but mostly Twitch). After you’ve completed all the above steps and feel like you’re the person in the know, it’s time to set-up your own channel. All you have to do is create an account, and start promoting it like crazy. Post it on forums and spread the word.

Who knows? If you become good enough, you might just be the next casino streaming mega-star

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