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The Way Forward in The Past

I have just read an article on the use of Google glass (Google Lens) and how they help people cheat at poker, or perhaps to be a little kinder, enhance their chances of winning. How does it actually enhance the chance of winning I hear you ask? Well imagine that you have just started playing poker and that you have on your Google Lenses on, you beam your live video feed to people who have more experience in the world of poker.

Look around you literally, not only will the people seeing through your Google Lens   see what cards you have, look at your opponents, and they will see their facial expressions their body language, the “tells” that are all too common in poker. We all have tells but it’s just a matter of spotting your particular “tell”

Is it actually cheating, or is it using all your resources (and everyone else resources) to your advantage. Should the Casinos/Poker gaming joints fight against the new technology or place large signs in the establishment “ BUY YOUR GOOGLE GLASSES HERE”  “SIGN UP HERE POKER ADVICE THROUGH THE GOOGLE GLASS at  ONLY £2000 A MONTH” and just cash in themselves and make it  level playing field by exposing what is out there to help you.

I spent some time in Monte Carlo in the casinos, I could never get a signal on my mobile whilst in the casino and my battery drained very quickly, I was told it was down to an electronic signal blocker, Should Casinos provide free Wi-Fi ? But if they do should they only allow Wi-Fi in non-gaming areas. Technology will always move forward and people will seek out every opportunity to exploit what they have to hand as John Connelly has shared many a story of the opportunist. The choice is either BAN electronic devices in casinos or develop the technology to mute it.

I can only imagine the problems of trying to ban electronic devices in the Casinos of today, It would be a complete calamity as all such devices are so small and 401px-Japanese_armor_guimetall too common and could be near impossible to police in today’s society. It may even leave the Casinos empty !

 Opportunities, for all.

Step back in time even before Wi-Fi, mobile phones dam even before they invented electricity. The good, the bad, the for or the against, call it what you want, YIN and YANG. The opposing forces had their ways of improving their products. It was a blatant battle of products and perhaps the ultimate marketing tool as it was the difference between LIFE and DEATH.

Tameshigiri Google Lens

I draw from the example because of my personal experience’s through the martial arts and because it will be a constant battle until the end of time. Tameshigiri, the skilled blacksmith (swords-smith) would create the swords, and to test how sharp they were they would have a contest with the craftsmen who made the helmets (Kabuto) Of course they were competing against each other’s skills, how sharp the sword was and how well the helmet protected its wearer in battles.


Life and people haven’t really changed, only the technology of the products we make. So if you are in the business of security look back to the past of feudal Japan to protect the Future. “Go to Battle” Google Lens is only the start of enhancing technology. Step up, step outside your comfort zone and skill sets, find the solution’s and keep it a level playing field in the Casino’s (except the house edge of course)

ICE 2014

Will one of the exhibitors at ICE 2014 already have a solution to all the problems you face in today’s Casinos? If so who will it be !

The Way Forward in The Past, Who Will Step Back To The Future 

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