Buzz Bingo Adopts Playtech as Exclusive Content Provider

Buzz Bingo Adopts Playtech as Exclusive Content Provider


The newly rebranded Buzz Bingo has seen some big changes recently, as it recruited industry veteran John Kelly to help update the organisation to a more modern standard. Aside from changing the name to Buzz Bingo, considerable work has been performed by the organisation to both update its image, and update the 124 bingo sites and games it offers within its various locations. These changes promise to add a great deal more convenience and variety to Buzz Bingo patrons, with the adoption of Playtech systems being a significant contributing component.

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Making Waves

Among the changes brought about by Buzz Bingo‘s new £40m overhaul is a much bigger focus on the online world and the offerings this can bring. Chief among the most recent of these developments is the adoption of the Playtech gaming framework. iGaming developer Playtech, founded in 1999, has almost 20 years of experience in crafting memorable and popular experiences.

Primarily these are illustrated in the form of slot games, with online slot game website SlotCatalogreporting at least 327 creations registered as in circulation. While their prolific nature is not necessarily indicative of quality, the fact that Playtech has managed to stay viable in what is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most competitive markets online speaks volumes to their business sense. In fact, according to online statistic resource Statista, the market value of online gambling in the US alone is expected to exceed $59.7 billion in 2020, from the $51.96 billion of 2018.

How Will it Work?

There are two primary means in which Buzz Bingo intend to apply the Playtech range of games. The first is through their online services. While Buzz Bingo operates primarily as an in-person service, they’ve also expanded their area of operations to include the type of fare which is commonly offered by entirely online casinos. This includes recent Playtech developments such as Featurespace’s recent machine-learning-based real-time fraud protection, which helps ensure a similar level of safety as what can be offered in person.

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The other way in which Buzz Bingo offers these games is through the dedicated game tablets that are available in any of the physical locations. The benefit here comes from the close-knit relationship between Playtechand Buzz Bingo, ensuring that each device is both trustworthy and efficient, with none of those frustrating issues which can so often interfere with mobile device gaming.

Setting an Example?

With parlours like Buzz Bingo once again rising to a position of prominence within the gambling community, this does raise the question of how future relationships between parlours and software developers might look. It might be that success here will inform the direction of other major casinos, which means specific branding within certain forms of gambling might eventually be as common as it is today within professional sports. Whatever the case, we’ll be watching to see how this development works out, so stay tuned to Casinos4Dummies for all of the important updates.

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