Bath Casino Licence Decided

Bath Casino Licence Decided

The decision has been made, the reports and proposals have been gathered the panel have deliberated and the decision has been announced on the Bath Casino Licence . Bath not the first or an obvious first choice for a Casino Licence, however they have over 1 million staying visitors and 3.8 Million day visitors , which is extrodinary as the population of Bath and North East Somerset is a mere 175 thousand  people. They also have a  higher than the average in  the UK  of  disposable income, it might just be the niche Casino market that is yet undiscovered.

The provisional statement for the Bath Casino Licence has been awarded  with conditions to Global Gaming Ventures Limited (GGV) whose casino operator is Groupe Partouche, Europe’s largest casino group.  This will enable GGV to apply for a small casino premises licence in due course.The Bath Casino Licence does not come cheaply or easily

Bath Casino Licence Guarantee of Benefits

(Source Bathnes.Gov)

1. £250,000 lump sum payment and a minimum payment of £15,000 per calendar month to the Council in order to support local communities with new initiatives.

2. 78 full time casino jobs, 3 full time apprenticeships, 17 job/training opportunities to be provided to Bath & North East Somerset Council candidates nominated by The Learni

ng Partnership.  Full time training courses for casino employees.

3. 120 construction jobs/apprenticeships on commencement of the development – 95% of net new jobs to come from Bath & North East Somerset Council residents.  Jobs to be provide for a minimum of 10 unemployed Bath & North East Somerset Council residents and 10 apprenticeships to Bath & North East Somerset Council residents to be delivered locally.

4. The provision of a full time gambling addiction programme which will have a wider benefit of addressing this problem not just in realtion toa casino.

5. Development supply chain opportunities to be first offered to Bath & North East Somerset Council businesses.

6. All reasonable endeavours to be used to prepare a hotel operator to provide a 4 star boutique hotel with a minimum of 65 rooms.

7. Commitment to work with Bath & North East Somerset Council Public Realm and Movement Strategy Team working towards consolidating and extending the East West Leisure Axis.

Bath Casino Licence Operators

Bath Casino licence

Groupe Partouche  entered the Casino Industry in 1973 and now operates 49 Casinos in Europe which include France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Tunisia, Groupe Partouche portfolio does not stop there, they also have an impressive list of Hotels, Spas, Golf courses, Beaches and excellent Restaurants so perhaps they will bring a truly continental feel to the Bath Casino Licence. This is something that the OFT should take into consideration when deliberating over the Rank Deal as Partouche are certainty NOT a small player reporting last year some 460 million Euro turnover with an estimated 40 million profit and with some 5,500 employees.

Bath Casino Licence ce que nous réserve l’avenir

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