Antique casino chips in new jewellery line Ninety80

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 in new jewellery line Ninety80

Dutch stylist launches original jewellery collection from Cyprus

LIMASSOL – Mother-of-pearl chips that were used between 1890 and 1920 in casinos all over the world have found a new use as an original piece of jewellery. Decorated with diamonds and dangling at a golden necklace the chips are the heart of the new worldwide jewellery line Ninety80, which Dutch stylist and designer Gaby van ‘t Hart has launched from her residence Limassol in Cyprus.


Ninety80 will be released officially online today with the launch of it’s webshop, but has already gathered a lot of fans on Facebook. They applaud Van ‘t Hart for her creative ideas and designs.

The most eye catching jewellery are the casino chips made of mother-of-pearl, a natural material that comes from shells. Nowadays chips in Antique casino chipscasino’s are made of synthetic materials, but around 1900 they were made of pearl-shell. ,,I came across such an old casino coin at an antiquarian and he told me they were made like this a century ago,” says Van ‘t Hart. ,,I decorated it with diamonds and pimped it up to be a personal piece of jewellery. People responded so enthusiastic on it that I decided to explore this further.”

Since then the stylist buys antique casino chips from antiquarians all over the world to use them in her jewellery line. Every chip is different so every piece of jewellery is unique.

Formerly Van ‘t Hart owned her own fashion label in Holland. She has had a passion for jewellery since childhood. ,,I was always playing with my grandmother’s jewellery. That’s where the love originated and it has been a part of me ever since,” she says. Because she was born in 1980 and her grandmother died in 1990, her international jewellery line was named Ninety80

The antique casino chips are decorated with two point diamonds and are attached to an 18 carat golden necklace. Furthermore Ninety80 distinguishes itself from other collections by designing original jeweller made from gold and diamonds on a silver surface. Van ‘t Hart: ,,This way prices of fashionable items don’t have to become sky high, but you only have to pay for what you literally see.”

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For further information please contact Gaby van ’t Hart, Mob: +31 6 46828765, e-mail: or visit the website

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