7 Casino Tips for Beginners

7 Casino Tips for Beginners

The first time going to casinos can be intimidating.

But take comfort knowing that people around do not know you. And you are not the only beginner in the gaming area. So savor the moment, and take note of the following tips so you can have a blast.

Easy on the photos.

Documenting daily activities through photos has become a habit for some. More so when you are engaging in an activity the first time. You want a memento kept. Even so, be cautious before taking pictures inside the casino premises. Ask permission first. Find out if it’s okay. You do not want your attention be called for violating the house rules.

Beware of your actions.

We all have heard about the famous tagline, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” This is isn’t the case in reality though. Security in casinos is stringent. Cameras are installed throughout the area, and this is for client safety. So if you do not want your little-crimes-made-out-of-fun-that-you-thought-you-could-get-away-with or embarrassing moments recorded for the public to see, then behave well.

Keep an eye on your belongings.

You are in a casino – the place where people splurge money for fun. It is no longer surprising then that bad guys are lurking within the vicinity looking for their next victim. While the excitement can be overwhelming, remember to always check your valuables. You cannot rely to the security or casino staff to guard them for you.

Stack wise.

Do not just lay your chips on the table. Make sure that chips of the highest denomination are placed on the bottom. In case a thief snags chips from your table, then you will be losing only those with small value. You might also want to exchange your chips or winnings to the highest denomination possible for easy tracking. Imagine yourself walking around with your 30-piece chips worth $5 each. You might only drop one or a couple of chips without noticing it.

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

There’s nothing wrong going to casino for fun, say for some bonding experience with your friends. The only thing you should note is to spend only what you can allow yourself use. Never borrow money from your friends just so you can play. There is no guarantee that you can win back whatever you spend in casinos. Do not go beyond what you can stomach losing.

Know when to walk away.

Remember that you are the one deciding when to leave the game and when to continue betting. You need not stay longer just because you won big. In case you get lucky, you have the option of leaving with the prize. Bear in mind that casinos have the advantage over players which makes chances of winning slim. This means, it isn’t a crime to leave after winning. It’s your choice.

Maximize comps.

It is expected that more bonuses are offered to online roulette casino players. You can also, however, score freebies when playing in land-based casinos. When you do, make the most out of it. Inquire until when the comps (short for complimentary) are valid.

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Will Stewart does not always go to casinos. And when she does, she makes sure to tag along friends who are knowledgeable on gambling for advice. Safety first to avoid losing shirt.

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